Puer! Non Puella! ^^

and as I'm quite male I find that vagualy disturbing :p

I can see what they mean though - you can literally divy up my facial characteristics as belonging to my father or mother - (my mothers hair is dark - nd my fathers blond - my eyelashes are striped :P every other eyelash is dark) and the majority to my mom. I've sorta got her build - although I'm taller. and my hair is the same length and shape as hers. (about shoulder length) so I do see what they mean. . .
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a reference to anything?

a story reference then?

*giggles* well consider that retribution for having a golden cup with my blasphemy . . . (at this point I'm considering it must be a song lyric reference :P)

*sighs* that one went right past your head. . . <br />
<br />
but you are right. . .

Like Romeo and Juliet? - Words with all their multiple meanings may slip and cause the poor actors to fall >.<

any other kind you find puny. :) - what are puns made out of anyway?

that is indeed so - because I said so. =)

*sighs* I get the pun. . . and only I am allowed to make literal puns. . . thus it is your missing brain cells talking. :)

*sighs* missing brain cells?<br />
<br />

on a scale of ten to two thousand hours a day - where do you stand in front of the mirror?<br />
<br />
peanut? Is that a compliment or an insult? ^^

yes! I 'm not nearly as bad as you I promise!<br />
<br />
serious :) - I used to have hair that went down to my tail - do you have any clue how much people judge gender by hair length?

O.o Floydess! You have such a low opinion of me! I only spend three hours before the looking glass each day . . . <br />
<br />
Vaguely. I am far to used to being taken for a girl to get upset over it.