By the Boy Who Dumped Me Cos of My Depression

well, dont really know what to say about that, the person that told me he loved me, also dumped me cos he was scared of my state of mind, but i can see why he did it, he didnt want to get hurt, so i dont really blame him......
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5 Responses Aug 19, 2007

This happened to me too... oddly enough, right after I made the decision to get treatment out of the hope that it would fix the relationship. It's strange, but the only good thing he ever really did for me was to make me so miserable that I had to face the truth about my mental health.

Had he truly loved you he would have been there for you.

this has happened to me in every relationship I'vebeen in

I'm with Arual on this one. How hard is it to just stand? To just hang tight? I don't get people . . . at least not the ones who leave when it's about to get better. And it's always about to get better.

Probably too much of a coward to be there for you. I believe that people who really matter are the ones who stay through anything.