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My psychologist told me I could have a form of autism, I have no clue how they came up with such a thing. I looked up the symptoms in adults, and saw some symptoms also show in eating disorders. Well, I'm currently treated for Anorexia, so maybe they got a little confused!! Also, I'm highly sensitive and very empathetic...

Here's a list of symptoms a how I experience them:
- Makes little eye-contact: Not really, I'm just shy. I do make eye contact, and don't mind doing so.
- Does not always recognize nonverbal gestures: Well, I actually ALWAYS recognize them.
- Does often not understand double messages, often takes language literally: Never ever experienced such things. I can easily differentiate between figurative and literal language.
- Overly or under sensitive for stimuli such as light, sound taste and touch: I don't like hard sounds, and I'm a picky eater. But for the rest, not so much.
- Struggles to organize life, or make plans for the future: No, no trouble at all.
- Unable to work with others: I don't like working with others, but I do not have trouble with it.
- Often achieves less than capable of: Nope, I don't.
- Shows little empathy: Ehhm, I got told I show too MUCH empathy.
- Does not compromise: I always compromise, I don't like it when there's tension between people.
- When under pressure, the person struggles to talk (stuttering): Yes, but I'm an introvert and very shy, due to bullying in the past.
- Trouble getting and maintaining social relationships: I do struggle a bit to make friends, but again, I'm very shy, and insecure. Maintaining on the other hand, is fairly easy for me.
- Does not know which behavior is socially acceptable: I behave better than most people my age, I even got teachers thanking me for my behavior!
- Doesn't like daily chit chat, talks very little: Ehmm, introvert! And I can talk a lot when I want to!
- Does not hear everything, often forgets things which do not interest the person: No, no problems with such things.
- clings to routine and order: A little bit due to my anorexia. before my eating disorder, I never experienced such things.
- Needs very clear instructions: No.
- Can not handle changes in environment: Actually, I love changes! Otherwise it will just get boring!
- Likes being alone: Again, introvert!! I love my alone time, but do not mind being with people. I just need some time to recharge.
- Can have obsessive interests: No, I actually have so much interests, I can't really be obsessive about one particular thing.
- Obsessive rituals: Not really, only some things which are eating disorder related.
- A keen eye for detail: Yes, but I'm a artsy person. Very creative.

So, does this sound autistic? I'm pretty sure it does not!!!
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1 Response May 8, 2015

A lot of psychologists have no idea what their talking about, did you do a background check on this person?? Get a 2nd opinion from another psychologist just to make sure..