Autism... Me???

when i was in high school, i had been seeing a therapist or "school councilor". I was telling her all about my life. My best friend was my cousin who has autism, we got along geat. we loved to play together. Play in the same room, we didnt really interact. Im not a people person, i dont undersand people either, sometimes the things people do baffle me. I really dont do well socially. I love to draw and write and she said i was very talented. The things i liked to do i did obsesively, and the things i didnt like i cut out of my life completely. Thats when she said to me "Did you notice that you have a lot in common with your cousin, who has autism?" I didnt get the hint and said well yeah other wise she wouldnt be my friend. Then she explained that she thought i might be autistic, and told me to do research.

I did some research. I spin like other children do, i love to watch things spin, i love to stare at shiny things, i dont hang around people, im often in my own world, and i love to staighten things and when they arent staight i freak out. I had quite a lot in common with the autism spectrum. But then i found out that autism isnt clear everyone is somewhere on the spectrum.

My therapist wanted me to get tested for it or evaluated for it, but my parents laughed it off. so i didnt get tested i plan to get evaluated for it latter in life. (This is the least of my problems right now)

I dont believe i have autism, but i do believe im higher on the specrum than most people but not as severe as people diagnosed with autism. When she first told me i might have autism, i was relieved actually to know that there is a reason why im the way i am. but if im not diagnosed, its comforting to know that im not alone with the way that i am. the things i do that autistic people do make me happy and other people dont understand. normal people have their ways and i have mine.

All that matters is that im happy with myself, and i dont change just to be in the "Norm".

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I hsve "high functioning autism" my advice do what you have always done and also dont get tested them you are labeled and horrible baving to report it. I have been turned down for jobs just because of it.

i like what u say ''happy with myself'' ...its ok to learn more bout urself n autism though too.

I see no reason for you being tested for autism. You are happy the way you are so why bother.<br />
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I think a lot (not all) school councilors seem to think they are like gods and know everything. Then if the person or their family don't like what they say they virtually turn their backs on them as if to say how dare these people disagree with me.<br />
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A lot of them are full of crap.

i have autism myself, but one form of autism isn't the other. autistic ppl are stereotyped easily, which is in fact, pointless.<br />
my mother is head of Autistem, which focuses on ppl like us. she said to me that the forms of autism can be as diverse as there are ppl in the world. my form made my life to a hell, but i learned to live with it. at least you still have a life goal.