Do You See My Userid??

So, my userid should say it all, right?  I didn't give myself that name - a friend told me to stop analyzing everything - but each time I am told that, I find myself doing it more.  I'm scared not to analyze and think about something - that if I don't, I will miss something or I will misunderstand the meaning of something.  I also analyze to make sure someone hasn't misunderstood me.

Anyway, depending on my mood, I can be pretty normal in the analyzing and thinking area, but if I am feeling depressed - watch out - I am analyzing and reanalyzing everything!

As for turning my brain off at night - that's what Trazodone is for!  Plus the trashy romantic novels usually keep the thoughts at bay long enough for me to fall asleep!

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7 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Welcome! This place should be a great outlet for all of your thoughts. As for the analyzing things from the PAST (try to tell yourself OUT LOUD if you have to, to STOP - it doesn't serve any purpose - you can't change anything - you can't go back so why torture yourself?! I say this because I don't want you to do as I DO!! LOL!! I am working on leaving my past in my past and letting go - and I have made some progress - it helps to reduce the merry-go-round my mind likes to ride on!! Good luck - thanks for the comment!!

Hey im new on here... and i COMPLETELY understand!! It seems like my mind is my worst enemy and just wont stop! I cant stop analyzing things that have happened way way in the past and re-reading texts, emails and reliving the hurt or finding meanings that perhaps weren't even there in the first place.

That would be me - I have an e-mail pen-pal and I will go back and reread a note I have sent and then send a correction - then I get back STOP REREADING YOUR EMAIL! LOL That's the person that started telling me I think too much! Start posting those stories - I bet people on here will love them!

Me too! I have started to write so many stories on here and then I get to analyzing them and think that they aren't worth much so I end up deleting them ............

I feel for you - that is what Trazodone and trashy romance novels are for! lol

Me too, my thoughts keep me up till the wee hours of the morning at least a couple nights a month.

Oh I here yah!!!