Many Times

and although it's true, i still like thinking and plan to keep it up. it's part of who i am, although i know that sometimes i need to back off and give my brain a chance to chill out!

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5 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Me too. I was told this growing up and all I could think was 'you guys think too little!' My thinking is what got me a 5,000 dollar scholarship and 2 years of a Master's Degree, not to mention a very solid view of sorting out the messed up world we call 'reality.'

true...I make some rash decisions too...not good.

yeah, i try to never rush into things. the rash decisions i've made are often the ones i regret the most.

Thinking is good because if you are making a huge decision. you need to think before you make that decision.

haha, thank you! sometimes i do drive myself a little nuts by overthinking things, but certainly are people out there who don't think AT ALL, lol!