I Can See For Miles

I've been told i think too much by a few people. I don't mind it, I do think too much. I over analyze situations in my head and consequences. I think about everything all the time. I dont think its a bad thing. Sometimes Im sure its a pain to my friends. I'll be in a room with them and go off in a daze in my mind, like im in a trance. I just cant help but to think and think and think. It opens my mind and helps me understand my thoughts and surroundings that much more. I think more than I speak... i think thats true for most people tho.. Unless your like my bestfriend and dont have a filter from your mind to your mouth. Shes opposite of me completly, I think thats why we blend so well together tho. Im a thinker... It is what it is. ;)

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5 Responses Mar 12, 2009

People always ask me what I'm thinking about because i usually daze off into my thoughts too. I dont think its rude or a problem unless you do it on purpose. I mean sometimes what I'm thinking about is alot more important than the conversation I'm tuning out. But i still see myself as a good listener and try to give my attention to those who need it. I think its kinda cool that my subconscious mind can tune out distractions automatically and not allow the flow of my thoughts to be interrupted. Communication is more than just speaking and listening. Sometimes its better to spend some time thinking about what you are going to say before you say it. Especially when you are talking about something important.

Hahaha.. well i dont stare constantly but i have my moments when i get zombie stare. o_o... haha. I just like to daydream, i guess im rude sometimes. X)

i think my wheels are turning all the time-but better than not thinking-right>?

You need to speed up your thought process lol, you can't stay with a blank ex<x>pression for more then 3 secs while in company XD It's considered rude lol. I think casually during classes, when riding a bike (except when crossing the road lol) and watching tv. Analyzing people who you're talking with has to be fast.

i've been told that too and i can't disagree with it. i look for a way to turn my thoughts off sometimes but it isn't easy.