Denied Membership In Church

About three years ago, I moved to a new neighborhood and started attending the local church. There were people there I knew slightly and soon a man who had been a missionary in the Middle East, and who attended the church, was made minister. I liked him and in a few weeks, I answered the alter call. He seemed confused and whispered tht I'd have to come to his office and talk. I did that and he talked about being raised Catholic and having family members who practiced voodoo and then said, "Now let me hear your testimony?" I told him I didnt have a testimony. I was raised to believe God loved me and didn't have a moment (like he did) when it all became clear. He said I was welcome to visit the church and to come talk to him (by appointment) any time but could not join. I wasn't saved, he said, unless ...... honestly, I don't know unless what. I thought he was crazy and ran away. That really hurt for a long time. I've never heard of anyone being turned away from a Baptist church before.
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That was not his right to say that. If a person doesn't have a testimony shouldn't a person be willing to help find out why and what can be done to help them to develop that missing part of themself?

I have heard of it - because this happened to me also. My x is very religious (believed God wanted her to leave me, I could go and on) and the churches she always chose for us (and now my kids) to go to always said that catholics were not saved and were actually following the devil. Every time I went for an event for my kids I always made sure they understood that I was Catholic. Now my kids no longer go with her and have found acceptance in their own churches. the issues they had with her baptist church and the things they were telling them. they not only told my kids that they could not go to her aunt's wedding (Lesbian union) but that the aunt (my sister) would burn in hell and actually really applied pressure for them not to go. In the end it pushed my kids away from their mom for the last time and out of that church.

I grew up going to Baptist churches as a child and young adult. I know there are some good churches out there but I had bad experiences with the Baptist church! When I was a kid we went to this one church where the preacher did not allow women or girls to wear pants or shorts at all! Even in the cold of winter or the heat of summer you had to wear a long dress! If you came to church dressed in slacks or shorts he would embarrass you and ask you to leave in front of everyone! Meantime his own teenage daughters hung around the local beach wearing bikini's !!! Also I had a friend who was Catholic and I went to her church once with her as a guest. My mom's brother is a Baptist preacher and he had a field day when he found out I was going to a Catholic church! Baptists think there way of thinking is the only way and that the rest of the world is all going to hell! I don't believe this!! My uncle's wife by the way is the biggest gossip and so are all her lady friends at church! They criticise what other people are wearing or how they look when they come to church! I didn't know that church was a fashion show! This is why I am planning on going to a non denominational church this time around!

My Goodness !!! I have never heard of such a thing ...that is terrible ... As long as you believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour and he died on the Cross to cover our sins babygirl you are saved ... that is completely blasphemous .. Not all Baptist Churches are like that sweety ... i go to a southern Baptist church and the people there are the nicest people ive ever met in my life .. Just keep searching you will find your church home .