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I'm 14 year old girl and I have big thighs or at least that's what they seem like. I'm a bi racial girl who has curly big hair kinda like uh, Madison Pettis. I do straighten it sometimes but I know some people adore it hehe. Anyways my hair isn't the problem. 3rd grade recess, body image doesn't matter, just like eh whatever. My friend Emilie comes over, I'm hangin out with my friends and Emilie comes over, she's like you know Maddy and Maddie and some other chick, can't remember. I'm like yes Maddy was my friend and so is Maddie. Shes like they were just like her butt jiggles when she runs. I'm just like crying in my head but on the outside I was like, I really don't care because they are fake. Those six words have changed my life, I'm slowly drifting away from food and towards anorexia nervosa which it does make them skinny so that's my idea of a good image, when it starts getting bad, I'll stop. Its hard though because I have school so at lunch everybody is like staring at you. The reason why I think I'm leaning towards anorexia is because of that comment, I want a flat butt for now and tiny boobs. Another factor is that I was raped and the person who raped me said only fat girls get raped. As of now I have a flat tummy but big thighs. Also peer pressure is killing me. Well bye now, also if you can help me be anorexic at school and still sit by my friends and boy friends (friends that are boys) that would be awesome.
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Don't travel that road, be yourself and be proud of you. Don't let idiots model your life