So Was I

My ex husband called me fat. My current husband calls me hot. In fact (and this was delicious), after a year with me, even my ex-husband called me hot. But he was tooo late - this fat girl had a man who saw her for what she was.

It was like, the best revenge.

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I'm sure you put up with his mean attitude for as long as was necessary. Hope he's nice and respectful to his new partner (if anyone will have him)

Now this is a great story.

That's funny! Good for you honey ;)

Wow! Is he still chasing you by the way?

I adore a woman with curves. Those skinny chicks that seems to be so popular... to me, they look more like boys! Lovely curves are what makes a woman so feminine! I'm so happy you found a man to appreciate the real you... that is wonderful!

That' is what I have found, that there are LOTS of men who like their women to be soft (not fat, just soft) and curvy. Thank goodness!

I like to refer to your kind as "women of substance". I went to a party recently where they described the women as "fluffy". Meanwhile, my roommate/ex-GF refers to the slender ones as "skinny *******." Yes, I prefer my women "soft", "fluffy" and "substantial", while the media has most of America trained to go ga-ga over the "skinny *******". Fine with me... leaves more of the gorgeous women for guys like me!!

What is your idea of fat ? Most women are too critical of themselves.

I am sure you are not as big as you think you are.

I know that now. But then, my gauge of fat was dependent on what my ex said, not on what I was. Back then, I was thinner than I am now. But I am way hotter now because I believe in myself now.

:) Happiness is a state of mind. If you are happy on the inside you beam sunshine on the outside. As long as someone is reasonably height / weight proportionate, I am happy.

Glad to see things are working out for you.

you reminded me a movie,which was about slim or fat and showed small and big panties,men love both that was the message of the movie.

Fortunately, there seems to be someone for everyone in this world.


If it had come from me it would have been a compliment. Thank you for being part of the movement for real women.

LOL!. I am hardly part of a movement. I'm just what and who I am. I think it's the men who are making the movement, finally saying loud and proud that they really do like women shaped like women.


OK - maybe I was being a little melodramatic about the movement bit ;-) As for the male contribution - I have always found it a mystery that a man would accuse a woman of being fat unless she were clinically obese. All the stuff in magazines and papers accusing celebrities gaining 10 pounds - bizarre. Still - I usually check them out as I think that the 'after' usually looks more appealing...

One of the most beautiful gift someone can give you is confidence!

Charlotte, you bring so much pleasure to this world. Thanks

You are so sweet! Thank you! Stay in touch!


nothing like a bit of revenge to help you though the day they say, hot-ness has nothing to do with your size or shape - it is your inner beauty shining through

You are right, and I can't believe it took me till I was forty to realize that!

It is so enjoyable when you start enjoying yourself... it is a treasure, and it is so arousing... it projects sensuosness and it feeds passion... so do not lose it and you will continue being a sexual godess for tyhe new and the "ex" lol

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

I saw my ex recently and she has become FAT!

You have a joy about you that transcends this medium. I can only think that your ex was both blind and ignorant. You, we all, deserve much more.

Fat? I would seriously consider the source or just shoot him. Fat? No, delicious: Yes.

I like to consider the source. His second wife left him. Tell you anything?

Speaks volumes!!!

Your ex is a douche............glad you found someone who appreciates the wonder that you are!

You are far kinder to my ex, opinion wise, than I am!

But thank you.

LOL! I got my revenge. Even he admits I'm hot now, and he's stuck in a bad marriage with an ugly woman who doesn't like sex much. Makes me laugh!

Oh I am not harsh at all. Like you (if your nickname has truth in it), I'm more on the dominated side than the dominating side. But thank you for your kind words. I really have NO idea how people see me most of the time.

I absolutely do! Probably more than most because I only got to the point where I could BE who I am in the past few years. And at 43, that's a special blessing.

LOL! Thank you.

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