At work i wear long sleeves b.c of my tattoos. One of my co-workers didn't know i have tattoos (i have one on neck but hair covers it). So yesterday when my sleeve went up a little and he saw my tattoos. I have them on both wrist on both sides. So then he started talking to me about god and how I'm gonna go to hell. I don't mind that he is religious but i just felt like he didn't have to say i was gonna go to hell for my choice of getting tattoos.

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yeah i know..well i dont work wit him anymore so atleast i dont have to worry aboutt that

You should of ask him if he eats pork and if he tries that Jesus changed that argument. hand him the bible and ask him to show you where it is written along with the 11 commandment that says thou shell not get tattoos.

Yeah I know

Perhaps you could tell him that according to your religion that people who judge others are the ones who can go to hell.

yeah i now

Something more you know now. Not about God, but about him.

yeah i know. after while cause he would shut up i just got up and left.

yeah, of course. God is not going to punish actual bad guys, he's going to pierce you with his trident because you have tattoos. yeah, that makes a LOT of sense.