I'll Meet You There

If any one ever tells you this,just reply back with "ill meet you there "
its witty and classic its basically saying your going to hell and so are they
so you'll meet them there:)
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There is no hell. Only experiences.<br />
<br />
Hell is a made-up threat to create FEAR by leaders who try to control people through religion.<br />
Amazing how many people buy into it.

well thats true but I think they telll you this so you would do right you know what I mean?like there has to be a consiquence if you do wrong thats what the media says:)

That's true, which is a way of gaining control really. Religion is pretty twisted in the extremes they go to. I dont think teaching people that they are going to burn in fire if they do or dont do something is very good, thats all. Its misleading and wrong. There are better ways to teach empathy.

been told that many times in my life <br />
<br />
and i just look at them and tell them i have been there i was in viet nam 1966 / 1967


In Norfolk, as in other places, there is a busy intersection that sees 10s of thousands of cars a day. Sometimes religious nutz stand on the corners and medians, just a shoutin' and wailin' at random cars "You're Going To HELL!!!" <br />
After seeing this several times and being stuck at the light having to listen to them it gets frustrating. If you try to block them out by blaring your stereo that draws them to you for listening to "that Devil Music" So they stoop down to your windows and yell it AT YOU...<br />
So one day after being chastised thusly I lowered my radio and my passenger window while stopped at the light and received my dose of "Your GOING TO HELL!!!" I replied with the question, "Really, so it's THIS way? Yeah? Thanks Buddy." He defaulted to this look OoO. Ten the light turned green and I proceeded to "Hell"... which must be on Granby Street.

Lol haha that was great you mustve have got him soo mad haha really so hells this way then right? hahaha funny

I haven't been told that lately but I will keep the response in mind :-)

hahaha ok:)

I was raised to understand that God reserves the right to make that determination, and that those mortals that do that are kinda doing his job...and that he hates that. "Judge not, least ye be judged"

True same here

You should go to heaven. Much better than hell. Fluffy white clouds are better than fire.

hahaha yea true:)

and I saw Scream4 yesterday lol it was funny and good