Traffic Jam

This occured a few years back. I was in the car with two of my friends and one was male and one was female. William and angela is what I will call them for the story. All three of us were single then and we had gone out to the bar to have some fun. I should mention that niether of them knew of my fetish for pee and poop and only angela knows of it now. Well it was aboout 1am and we left the bar and was heading home when we got stuck in some traffic from a bad wreck. I had to pee really bad and was squirming a bit in my seat. Angela noticed and laughed at me. I told her it wasn't funny. After about 10 minutes i leaked a little in my pants and said oh god i don't how much longer i can hold it i am already squirting a little bit. William started laughing at me saying that if you pee make sure you lean forward and pee in the floor board its easier to clean up and angela making fun of me said why fight it if it hurts just let go and do it in your pants i told her no and she just said suite yourself but if it were me I would I just go in my pants. I jokingly said why don't you go in your pants now if you do I will do it also. remember we are little tipsy at this point. She looked at me, smiled and said ok i will just for you and with that she closed her eyes and i heard the hissing sound of her peeing her pants. I got so turned on that i didn't even notice that I was peeing as well. She then finished and said there your turn i just smiled and said I went already while you were going. William just laughed at both of us and told us we were gross.
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nice story! :D