Told To Go By My Mom -- Three Stories In One

So my mom,me,and my sisters were riding in the car when I said "I need to go to the bathroom." My mom said that in ten minutes we'd be at a gas station and could I hold it,but when I said no she said "All right then. I want you to hold it,but if you can't,you can pee in the car." So I waited a little bit,and then I said "Can I wet?" My mom said "We''ll be there in five minutes but if you can't hold it.......go ahead." So I started to go.I had just started and made a little spot on my pants and car seat so I finished in the bathroom. Jennifer called me pants wetter until Mom made her stop.

Next story:So my mom and I were at the doctor's office(Think I was about 5)and my older sister Jennifer was there. It was her checkup. We got a room very far from the bathroom,and when she had started her checkup,I told my mom I needed to go to the bathroom. She said I was going to have to hold it because the bathroom was far away and she needed to stay in the room. I told my mom I really ha to go,so she said "OK,go in the hall and wet your pants." But she said it nicely. This time I made a small puddle and a fairly large spot on my pants. When I came back,the checkup was over. Again,Jennifer called me pants wetter until Mom made her stop.

Last story:So my mom,Jennifer and I were at the park. I had to go,but there were no bathrooms. My mom said I could wet my pants,just not on the play things. So I wet in the field. When I came back,Jennifer and her friends Tyra and Jadyn stuck their tongues out at me. My friend Karyn(who likes to pee in her pants but at the time never had before) wanted to know what It was like. I told her,and she said "Wow. I'll have to try that someday."

Sizaree Sizaree
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you poor gal,but thats how it all starts isint it?lol it begins with one accident,then grows to so called "accidents"<br />
<br />
like wet pee spot grows on our collective crotches.....<br />
<br />
damn that feels good!

love it

if my mom would have told me i could go in my pants theres no way i would make it to the bathroom.i would have peed my pants on purpose and enjoyed every minute of it! i wouldnt of let a chance like that go to waste!