"have You Wet Yourself Again?"

This was a question my suspicious mother was always asking - and the problem was that we had a very different idea about what "wet yourself" meant. For me it was when my pants and underwear were saturated and the puddle on the floor meant I counted deny it. For my mum it meant anything that indicated I hadn't been able to hold it in until finding a place to pee- even if it was just the front of my cotton underpants being wet.

If we were on a journey I was under strict orders to tell mum the moment I felt I needed to go. If I remembered - or noticed my need in time this meant having to pee wherever mum thought appropriate - asking a bus driver to wait at a stop while I piddled in the gutter - or leaving a shop so that I could wee over a drain in the street.

The reason for my having to do this was always explained by "He has a weak bladder" but the real problems began whenever I didn't make it in time and went in my pants. Mum made no effort to spare my blushes and in public would take my wet pants off and give me a pair of cloth "trainer pants" to put on. These were a "new invention" at the time and had a plastic layer sewn in that was supposed to help contain urine. So I would have these on under my shorts or trousers which still looked obviously "peed in".

From that point on I was supposed to tell mum if I needed to pee or poop- but i don't really know why because her response was always "You have let me down already - you will just have to do it in your pants and be uncomfortable until we get home".

Only it wasn't really uncomfortable -the thick layers of terry cloth were just like a nappy and the elasticated legs held everything in place - and above all I wasn't going to be told off again so I didn't have to try to avoid wetting or dirtying myself.
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Brings back so many memories.

"have You Wet Yourself Again?" ... hmmm ... my answer would have been; ┬┤hell NO ... it was my friend!┬┤... lol ...

Did you like "having" to expose yourself like that to pee in public, or your mother changing you in public? Or were you embarrassed?