Coming Back From Swimming

I was about 9 and my dad was taking me swimming at our local pool. My mum had said that I must be careful to use the toilet before leaving the sports centre as it was a long walk home and "you know what happened last time". I went a bit red as I remembered her reaction  when I arrived home with  wet pants after I had been at the same pool with a friend and his father who had sheepishly explained to mum that "he left it too late to tell me he needed to go".

We had a great swim and I went to the toilet at dad's suggestion - or rather I pee'd in the shower and then pretended to go again in the toilet when dad told me to.  We then started the long walk home - I guess it was over a mile.  About halfway I realised I needed to pee again and asked dad if there was a toilet I could use. He said that there was nothing nearer than home and asked if I needed a "urgent wee wee".  I said I did  and as usual he told me to try to hold it.  A little later I told him I was really bursting and he told me to duck down a side street and "do it in the gutter over a drain". I rushed off and after fumbling with my shorts pissed for what seemed like an age. I then went back to my dad who asked if I was "OK"  - I said I was but then he said "did you get your underwear wet"  I replied "a little dad, but it really was urgent"  He laughed and said "well if it's not too much we won't tell mum".

We walked on and about 300 metres from home  I suddenly realised I needed to poop.  I told dad and he said "hold on we are nearly home".  I said i didn't think I could make it  -which was true because I could feel it pushing out of my bum.  He must have seen how urgent it was because he said "If you cant make it just stand still for a moment and do it in your pants- they are wet already so it won't matter".  I stopped walking and stood with my legs slightly apart while I let nature take it's course.  I must have swallowed a lot of water swimming as well as the sandwich and drink we had afterwards.

The poo never seemed to stop- I felt my pants fill and then very liquid mess ran down my leg inside my shorts.  We reached home and when Mum started to tell me off for pooing myself, Dad said "It's not his fault I told him to do it"  Mum snorted and said "well you sort him out then".  The sorting out took place in the bathroom and took some time ending with my having to rinse out my own soiled pants so as to "know how important it is to go as soon as you feel the need"

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Feb 27, 2010