My Parents Wanted To Make Wear Diapers!

I was soon to be 7 when for some reason my mom and dad made up this plan to see if they could get me to pee in my bed when I was asleep. Their experiment started a month ago. At dinner I was given a sleeping pill and a diarettic pill. I slept through the night and awoke in the morning in a wet bed. After two nights my parents told me that I would have to wear a diaper. Protesting was not a way to get them not to diaper me. That night I was diapered (cloth) and had a plactic pants over my diaperr. Again in the morning I was wet but "thankfully" my bed was dry.

The first week was just at night. The next week my diapering came about 2 hours earlier, followed by the next week even eairlier. Finally, arriving home after school my mom smiled and put me a diaper. Powdered and tightly pinned into a double cloth diaper, my mother said that she and dad had decided that from this afternoon on the bathroom would be locked and that any 'business' I had was to be done in my diaper. I guess after another week I have embrassed my diaper and have unconsciously used them as they were designed to do - pee and poop in them.

It was shortly after that when my parents asked if I want to wear my jockey shorts again during the day. My thought said yes - but my words said no.

They smilled and said they thought I would elect to stay diapered. I said yes I don't ever want not to be in diapers. That is when with a smile my mother told me of their plan of giving me drugs that would help make me pee in my shorts and now in my diapers.

It is now two years later and I am still wearing diapers and using them. Thank you mom and dad
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Why cant this be me :,(

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