When I Was On A Trip

I think I was around 8-9 at time.It was just me and my dad. We were heading out to go camping for the weekend. We were going to this state park to camping. It was about 5am when we headed out . My dad told me to used the bathroom before we left because he said he did not want to stop. Well I got in a hurry and forgot . It was no be deal I really did not have to go. Every thing was going good 3 hrs in to the drive . My dad said we were making good time. I was glad because I was starting to need to use bathroom. I told my dad and he did not seem to happy as he asked if I went before we left. He said we should be there soon there is not a lot of places to stop. Well some how we got lost on the way and my dad was trying to find out were we were . I could till he was mad about getting lost . We keep on till we saw this little gas station comming up. He pulled to asked for directions. I told him I had to pee still. He told me to wait in the car . When he came back my dad said we were not that far off. We got back up and the road and headed off . About 10mins after that I told him I really had to pee. Then he said he forgot when we were at the gas station. We were on a back road and my dad pulled over so I could go . I tried but I am very pee shy and I could not go.So I got back in the car and we went on. At this point I was holding myself I had to go so bad. When we saw a sign for the park . I was not happy about what it said 30miles away. My dad told me he would stop at the next place we could but there did not seem to be any. I felt my underwear get a little wet. I told my dad I was not sure I could make it . Then a little more came out. He could till I was not going to make it. That is when he said It would be ok if I peed my pants. He said It was part his fault for not letting you go when we stopped. I tied to hold it in till we got there but that did not happen the next wave hit me and it was all over. I could feel the pee pulling up underneath me . I did not even try to stop at that point. It feel so good. When we got there about 20mins later my dad checked in and we drove to our camp site I changed and we set up the tent. My dad never said a word about it. It was a great weekend over all.
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Hi Kiddoo, I had a simmular thing happen to me around that age..... great story

I haven't writen it yet haven't found the time to write about it

I did also and I still like to wet my panties especially when I am going to the shopping Mall.