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Destiny says that this is a good place to write a story about me.

My name is Faithe Liane (lee-anne) and I'm one of Christen/Big Sister's alters.
We call eachother Siblings.

Um, well I'm eight, and 3/4ths and this is my story?

When I was little Mommy and Daddy figure didn't pay attention to me, so alot of bad things happened.
I would get in trouble with family and they would take me to their rooms and make me take off my clothes and whoop me with leather belts.
And Cousin Chris was weird, he liked taking pictures of me and when he finished he made videos of me being "pretty" and then he touched me lots.
He made me eat weenies and drink the really sticky bad icing inside of them, and he made me put coke bottles inside of me, and it hurt really bad. He said that I was supposed to open up and it wouldn't hurt as much but it still hurt alot.

Then when we went on vacation to grandma godwins Cousin Gean hit me with fists and he did the four letter R word that I'm not allowed to say anymore.
And They said that if I told anyone I was gonna die, so I didn't even though it hurt alot when they did it.

But Anne got me this ribbon it's pretty and red, and she said that if I wear the ribbon then monster won't come and touch me like Chris and Gean and that it will protect me.

But Destiny says that there is alot more that happened but I can't ask to know because she says when she did that the monster in her head took her eyes away and forced her to remember.
Destiny says that if I'm good then maybe later when I know more I can remember what happened but I don't really want to because it hurts to remember.

okay, I'm done.

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yyou are a brave and good girl so is destiny really something ; yes u must look on bright side forget past and move forward you have a big life ahead be strong ; i m happy you are safe know

Sorry. Good that you safe now.
Timmy - 5 & 1/2

i'm okay! Destiny always tells me to look at the happy side of things because if i don't i could be broken like she is. I don't think Destiny is broken though, just always sad

Destiny sounds smart

she is! she's the smartest person i know, she's the one who helped al of us come out, even though it hurt her alot, she still loves all of us very much, you should meet her ^-^ she's the sweetest person on earth! but she doesn't like herself much and always says sad and bad bad lies about her to herself, because Fear made her think that way since she was littler


We have someone named Carrie and she thinks everything is her fault, so she is said too.

I say that carie should be happy! nothing is anybody is fault because they have to make themselves to do something wrong to make it their fault so she and Destiny are all alright because its not their faults its the scary monsters faults!


You are nice to say that. Thank you.

can i give you a name? can you be donut?? i like donuts they are super sweet and yummy and you're super sweet will you be a donut??

sure, that is just fine. we have to go now. have fun faithe, maybe we will talk again. tried to learn more about you, but we can't see anything cuz it is locked.

=w=" i honestly don't know how to unlock it and stuff, sorry bout that.


Hi Christen. Maybe if you go to our profile by clicking on our picture, and then when you are there, you can add us to your Circle (by clicking on "Add To Circle" by our picture).

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Hi Faithe.

Thank you for writing here and telling your story. You are strong and brave to have done that. I'm glad you have something now to help keep you safe, and it sounds like Destiny is really kind and smart too. I'm glad she is there to help take care of you.

I'm very very sorry for all the things that were done to you. What you remember and what you don't. Try and trust your self and the siblings, and know that when the time is right, you will know the rest. Trust the process and don't force it.

Please take good care of you. That goes for all of you.

Bye for now.

Tara, Ellie, Jess

you're really nice. i'll be okay because nothing bad happens when i have my ribbon, so i'm better but i just don't always know what people say because i don't hear. but thats alright, i don't like listenting to meanyheads like people.