I Published My Story of Torture

Torture is a difficult subject for survivors of torture to talk about.  All victims don't react in the same manner to the effects of torture.  Some victims strong willed can endure the pain to recall the torture while other traumatized victims may not recall the torture automatically.  I identify with victims of the latter.

When I suffered torture my reaction was to block it out of my mind which lead to my condition of temporary amnesia.  It is puzzling to feel pain, see my injuries, and yet have no recollection of what caused my condition.  I don't know what my reaction would have been if any witnesses were to disclose to me what they saw happened.  I may not have believed a witness due to the fact of no recollection of the torture having occurred.  My suggestion for victims with amnesia is to give yourself time to recover your memories of torture on your own.  That's how I learned of the torture I endured.

It is due to my previous traumatic history that I developed MPD/DID which causes the conditon of my amnesia whenever I suffer from the effects of torture and/or trauma.  However, my lost memories are regained through flashbacks without sequence so it does take time to comprehend my traumatic experiences.

Unfortunately, this torturous incident was a cover-up and my torturer was not held responsible for his actions leaving me feeling devastated and craving for justice.  To help myself deal with my feelings I published my true story in a book that will remain nameless on EP to protect my true identity.

I recommend to other survivors of torture to write your story as an outlet for relief from the painful memories you endured.  It was a relief for me to accomplish writing my story and it can be a relief for you too. 

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4 Responses Dec 29, 2008

I intend to do what you did and write my history, but at this stage my history is still in amnesia, I've been getting flashbacks but the body memories. I still havn't got the ocular (visual) memories. I'm starting to get her words coming back in my dreams. My torture was from my mother in my childhood. My - I call her Not Mother - is still alive but I have now cut her out of my life. My brother thinks he had it too, he's had some dreams. Have you been able to move on to a new stage in your life since writing your story?

Thank you librakitty05 and MegJgM for your comments.

Its great that you were able to express yourself freely and share your story. However painful it was also good therapy.....good for you. And stay strong!

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I am glad you hve found a way to help <br />
and to share that with others