My First Groping

Hi, my name is Tina, I am 25 and happily married now, but I was taken into care as a child and grew up being handed around to different families at times

In one house the lady sometimes got her dad to babysit me and my older "sister" while she had a night out with her friends.

The older girl had warned me about "grandad" and I still remember the the first time he crept into my room and pulled me from my bed

He said he liked playing "American Auto Cop" and he pushed me against the bedroom wall and told me to spread my legs and lean forward as he frisked me.

I was shaking like a leaf, but he was playing the part of a strict cop as he sternly ordered me not to move. he kicked my trembeling legs apart and I begegd him not to hurt me, but eh said I would be ok if I just did as he wanted
I was wearing a baggy tee shirt and little sleep-shorts, and he slipped his hands up under my top as he kept my face pushed forward against the wall.

He cupped my little breasts in his hot sweaty hands and mauled them roughly as I whimpered helplessly as his hands roamed freely over my bare *******.

He was rather rough and he was also plucking hard on my tender nipples
and pulling them out as far as he could. "Your ******* are too small, and they need lots of rough treatment to help them develop" he grunted

I could feel his hard old **** pressed against my quivering bum cheeks and he was panting excitedly as he enjoyed the power he had over me, and at teh last moment he slipped one hand down my little shorts and cupped my ***** mound and held me tightly against his throbing **** as he came in his pants with loud groans of pleasure

After he left I ran to the older girls room, but she was not helpfull, she just said at last he was leaving her alone, now I was the younger girl.

I tried telling our "mum" but she said I was a wicked girl to say anything bad about her dad

it went on a few times while he was looking after us, and I learned to remain passive and let him play, he never seemed to want to ***** me or take it further, he was only interesed in playing COP

but my lovely hubby is happy to listen to my shy whispers about hwo I was misused as a girl, and he comforts me and strokes me softly as I hold onto his manly **** for reasurance.

love Tina

tinareynolds tinareynolds
22-25, F
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It is SO neat that you can share this with hubby AND that he enjoys it!