Grandpa Got His Wish Tonight

I had to spend the night with my grandpa last night.  Grandma was out of town and I had to watch him, since he is old and can't drive.  He lives outside of town.  It was a stormy night.  Him and grandma always dressed me up in girls clothes when I was young.  They seemed to like it.  That was a secret we kept from my parents.  I was still close to my grand parents.  My grandpa sometimes would massage my feet a lot of the times I would visit him and grandma.  He really liked to touch my feet when I wore pantyhoes.  I often dressed like a girl since I was a child.  My hair has been long since I was a child too.  When I spent the night with grandpa last night, I wore a lot of make-up, a long white long-sleeve dress showing a lot of chest cleavage, tan pantyhoes, and high heel pumps showing a lot of toe cleavage.  I could trust my grandpa that he would never rape me or anything like that.  But last night, grandpa and I got drunk.  Especially me, I drank three Long Island Ice Teas.  We were both sitting on the couch late at night, drunk, when grandpa asked me to take him for a drive.  I told him that he is crazy and that it is raining hard outside.  We were watching a horror movie on TV.  He kept asking me to take him for a drive and he said that I could drive his car.  I kept saying no and I kept saying that I was to drunk to drive.  He wouldn't stop asking me, so I had no choice but to obey him.  I put my heels back on and got on my leather jacket and dress gloves.  I was so drunk that I had to hold onto the walls on the way to the car.  He was able to just walk to the car.  We got in the car.  I sat down in the driver's seat and could hardly sit up straight.  I told him again that I didn't know if I could drive and that I was really drunk.  He insisted.  I couldn't figure out why.  I turned the car on and we put our seat belts on.  I barely reached the pedals and was too drunk to bother moving the seat.  The car was a luxury class all leather interior Volvo.  He watched me drive and the little light under the seat allowed him to watch my feet work the pedals.  I was laughing while driving because I couldn't believe that I was driving in these conditions.  I was swirving on the road.  There are no cars that travel where he lives.  I had a hard time reaching the gas pedal, especially in those pumps.  I told him that I couldn't find the seat controls so that I could reach the pedals better.  I drove a little slow because It was dangerous.  I was able to drive being drunk and keep the car on the road.  Suddenly, he removed his shoes and socks and moved over beside me.  Then he started feeling my feet with his feet.  I told him to stop and that he is pushing my foot into the gas pedal.  I was giggling, but was scared, because the car was going to fast.  I think he got a thrill out of doing this.  He felt my legs a little too.  I kept trying to move my foot and brake, but he kept pushing my right foot back into the gas pedal.  I almost lost control several times and I kept telling him to stop.  I told him he is going to twist my ankle, but he kept on doing what he was doing.  I was still giggling, because the whole thing was silly.  He made me drive too fast and I almost lost control, but after ten minutes, he stopped and told me that was enough.  He simply said that he had this fantasy he wanted to fullfil and he thanked me for letting him do it.  I drove us back home and we kept this secret to ourselves.  I wondered in my own mind if maybe he also wants to **** me some day.  But I guess not.

vanityvanity vanityvanity
36-40, T
Feb 15, 2010