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My Dad's Friend Sexually Touched Me

I spent the night at my dad's house which has three floors and dozens of rooms.  His friend Bob spent the night too.  Bob has met me several times and knew that I am a cross dresser.  He always looked at me as though he is attracted to me.  I have a nice curvy body now.  I didn't know if he was gay.  I slept in the bedroom on the top floor, dad slept down in the basement and Bob slept in the room next to mine.  That night, we had all been drinking a lot of scotch.  Bob wasn't drunik, but dad and I were.  I struggled to walk to my room, but I did.  I took off all my clothes and noticed that Bob was watching me from the door.  The light was on.  I was so drunk, I didn't care if he saw me naked.  I put on my white sheer ankle socks and white T-shirt, and no panties.  As I walked to the door where Bob was, he came to me and gave me a hug.  I told him thanks.  I was very tired and drunk.  I just wanted to go to sleep.  He held on to me for a long time.  He let go and told me that he will turn the light out.  So I got in bed and he turned the light out, but then walked back to my bed and got in bed with me.  I didn't care, I was so tired and drunk.  I fell asleept right away, but then woke up from Bob feeling my body.  He felt up my shirt and felt my breasts.  Then he felt my legs.  He then got up and took the bed sheets off and told me just to relax and he would massage my feet.  I think he loved my feet with white socks on.  He felt my feet for at least thirty minutes.  I just lied there, trying to sleep.  Then he got beside me and stroked my penis until I came.  I was so sleepy, but he *********** me so well, that I released my semin.  I moaned in pleasure for several seconds.  He left and I haven't seen him since.

vanityvanity vanityvanity 36-40, M 5 Responses Feb 14, 2010

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Sick made up ****, I can see this story made up dad in the basement u on the top floor and with some made up bob, idiot u fired.

that must of fealt good

Wow really that must been hard

did u like it?

Why didnt yousee him afterwards?He must be feeling ashamed of the act.