The Kkk

My story was like i was trap in my grandma house but the out side look like an school and when the bus drop us off all the kkk people was putting their middle finger up saying F you and then we got in my grandma house and only the only people they was was treating wrong was the black people and I'm mix with black so we was trap in the house with them an they been holding us hostage and all the kids that was not black could have eat nd get pick up but this is when the scary part come. Then I was at a window trying to tell my friend not to come in the house that the kkk people was in here but she didn't listen then I made an friends and I we talking to here and trying to ex scape but she thought it was an bad I idea so she stayed and I tryed to ex scape and they seen me an was chasing ather me and they was 5 one. One side an 4 on the otht with tis man so try trap m then. Tryed to hide but he saw me an was walking to words me and.......
mcdonlodz mcdonlodz
1 Response Dec 5, 2012