Treated Like A Baby

First of all I clicked the wrong age while regestering here I'm actually ninteen

So this story happened when I was eighteen in the summer me and my boyfriend were sitting on the couch drinking coffee when I said that I had to pee my boyfriend Connor said just go so I got up to go to the bathroom but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back down then I realised what he meant and I asked him why and he said that he wanted to see me pee and that he had a little surprise for me I hesitated but then he gently pushed my blatter and I spurted so I sighed and relaxed in about thirty seconds my pee started coming out and he smiled and pulled me into his arms then when I was finished he asked me to wait here so I did wondering what he was up to about two minutes later he came back with some bags he smiled and told me to lay on the floor but to take my pants off first so I unzipped my shorts unbuttoned them and slipped them off I then lay down when I lay down he slipped my under off and I gave him a puzzled look then he took a diaper out of a bag and I begged him not to do this but he did he lifted up my butt and put it back onto the diaper he then put the diaper on and gave me liquid in a bottle which was coffee but I guess it was supposed to be juice he then told me to drink it I hesitated but he made me so I started drinking he watched my blatter slowly slowly get bigger he made me drink at least ten coffees I was struggling to hold it in and he said I'm not letting you go to the bathroom so just let it out right now your going to anyway so I pushed and the pee came coming out so fast I had to pee so bad the diaper started leaking when I was finished Conner made me lay down again and he took the diaper off and put a new one on then he went into the attic and brought down my old baby things then with some effort he picked me up when the next wave of pee hot my blatter and his elbow hit my blatter and I started peeing so he took my diaper off while I was still peeing and put me on his lap and I ended up peeing on him when I was done we both kissed and he picked me up and put me in a crib with no diaper and he got another diaper and put it on me in the crib I smiled I was enjoying being treated like a baby he had to go get more diapers so he called his friend bob that I used to date before I met Conner and I still have a little crush on him so bob came over and Conner left leaving me and Conner alone in the house I started feeling the need to poop and I told bob and he told me to go in my diaper so I did and he removed my diaper and picked me up (he was very strong and I was really light) so I was on his hip with nothing on my lower half and then out of the blue another wave of pee hit me I must have drank too much coffee I thought and bob accidenly touched where my blatter is and I ended up peeing all over his hip when I was finished we both smiled at each other then he put me down and changed me into a clean diaper then Conner came home Conner walked in and noticed the pee on the floor and how wet bobs hip was bob explained what had happened and nodded he then picked me up with a grunt and put me back into the crib to go to bed in the morning I walked to the guest room where Conner was sleeping Conner opened his eyes and looked at my diaper he took my diaper off and put a fresh one on then he kissed me this treating me like a baby thing went on for the rest of the summer i loved him seeing my vagina at least three times a day I felt weird at first when bob changed me but I got used to it next week me and Conner are going to have a pee holding contest loser has to be treated like a baby for three months I hope he loses so that I can baby him :)
kendell605 kendell605
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012