It's a Shame.

I was in England during that time period, so I haven't even tried to donate. It is important to keep the blood supply safe, so I understand why they wouldn't want my donation. I've got great veins though!

Edited to add:
A link about donation criteria in the United States.

(No, I'm not in the US. But it's pretty similiar throughout the world.)
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They snuck it into my seeds! Wanted to make me big and strong... or maybe make me produce Dodo milk. I never did work it out.

Hold onto your kidney!!! You never know when you might need a spare one :P Apparently the legal age for donation in the US is 17 (16 in some states). Check out the other criteria too. Maybe you are too *small*.

wow o_o<br />
great veins huh?<br />
I've always wanted to donate my blood, and perhaps a kidney. but I dont know the legal age or if I qualify

Well, I've never actually tried, but if the blood services around the world are concerned about dormant BSE/CJD (aka mad cow disease). So nobody accepts people who lived in England during the outbreak - same goes for organ/tissue donation.

Why didnt they let you donate?