Last time I tried to donate blood they had me fill out a questionaire first. Have you ever had hepatitis, this that or the other disease, or STD? My answers were all no. Then there was the question do you or have you ever injected certain illegal drugs? Uhhhh, yes, I shot up coke and speed but that was 30 years ago and I'm clean. Alarms and sirens went off and red cross people not so kindly asked me to leave. They'd better hope that they never need an infusion of my rare blood type.  I really wanted to be a donor. I'm a registered organ donor and I find it very bizarre that they'll take my heart, lungs, kidney, corneas etc. yet not the blood that flowed thru them.

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I was turned down same reason and makes no sense to me either. They really should rethink policies since the people looking for cash (not those who want to help) whether clean or not will have no problem lying but those who are honest about something they did 20 or 30 years ago are rejected ? it's insane

I think it's very sad and bizarre that they'll take my organs yet not my blood. WTF? Don't they screen all donated blood for diseases? Why rule me out for indescretions I admitted to decades ago. If they'd check my blood as my doctors have many times since they'd know it was clean, yet they go by some bullshit questionaire that anyone could lie on. I think the need to review their policies. There are lives at stake.

You're right. There is such a desperate need for blood and so few people willing, like you, to do it....but they also find it easy to discriminate on the basis of race and sexual orientation, so i'm not

Actually I'm quite disappointed that they wouldn't take my blood.

Lol !