I Had A Few...

This goes back many years, but:

A sort of old girlfriend that turned out to sluttier than I had ever imagined was during a summer when she was visiting family in my hometown.  We dated a couple times, but she looked way too innocent for me so I ignored her for the most part.  One night, out of the blue she called and asked me to come over and watch a movie.  I reluctantly accepted and arrived to find her aunt and uncle had gone away for a few days.  I still thought nothing of it, but as soon as the movie started, she snuggled in real tight to me as though we were lovers.  Up to that point, we hadn't even kissed.  The movie turned out to be a sexy thriller and with in  the first 5 minutes, her head was on my shoulder and she was rubbing the inside of my leg.  Even at that point I had thought "maybe I'll get to touch her huge ****", as they were huge, but she kept the well hidden as good girls do.  lol  Within 5 minutes, we were kissing so I casually made my hand onto her breast, initially making it look like an accident, but she pressed them right into my hand and seconds later had her hand on my **** to make sure it was hard.  She rolled me over onto my back and started humping me and after about 30 seconds, had my pants undone and her hand on my ****.  She must have like what she felt as she said, "we need a bed for this, and off to the bedroom she went, stripping off my clothes first, and licking my **** on the way down.  I was in shock!  This girl didn't look the least bit horny or even dress the part, but behind closed doors she was an animal.  After we were both naked, we kissed each other all over and she pushed me onto my back again, strattled me and said, "now you have to promise that this never gets back to my boyfriend".... Shocked again as I had no idea she had a boyfriend, I was in no position to disagree, so I agreed and she mounted me and ****** me like an animal.  I slept over that night and we ****** again in the morning.  Under the circumstances, I had assumed this was a one time thing, but over the month that she was in town for we had sex over a dozen time.  She also let me know that she had ****** one other guy during that visit, and back home, besides her boyfriend, she had 2 others that she ****** regularly.  She revisited a few months later at Christmas time but I declined getting together as I had a girlfriend at the time.  After a second phone call, I agreed to meet her for a drink.  She teased me consistently to have sex with her, but I remained strong and declined.  As we were leaving the bar, she saw I had a new car and asked for a ride.  I agreed!  While we were driving, she said, I understand why you don't want to have sex, but how about I give you a blow job for old time sake.  As my present girl never did go down on me, I couldn't say not to her.  She didn't even wait for me to pull over and she had my pants undone and my **** in her mouth.   I almost ran over the parking block in the lot we had parked.  After such and amazing blow, I took her back to her car and she said, "I'm in town for 1 more day and I'd really like to sleep with you once more.  I went home and the next morning woke up and called her first thing and set it up for that night.  It was so worth it and she was one of the most amazing young women I have ever met.  I never heard from her again and often wonder what happened to her.
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Oh man - what a great story, and a fabulous memory to have for all time. Had a classmate way back in school that was rather plain and one night, very late and after way too many drinks, we ended up together. She was insatiable and kept me up most of the night, in every sense. We would get together several nights a week for about 6 weeks when I started to feel guilty as I had a GF back home. It ended just as fast as it started, but man, those were some incredible nights.