I Know I Probably Shouldn't Be...

...but I just can't help it. Sure, the whole mess was devastating when everything finally came out. I've written an extensive confession here on EP about everything that happened and how everything turned out. And yes, we're fine now - MORE than fine! If there's one good thing that came out of that "experience" it's that, in the end, it brought us closer together and taught us how to really communicate and appreciate each other's feelings. BUT...

For some reason I just *still* can't get that visual out of my head. The visual I was presented with when I came home earlier than expected, and through the back kitchen window spotted my loving wife on her knees with my supposed friend's big **** in her mouth. And what's even worse is that I stood there and watched until she finished him! I was enraged, but I was also just too turned on. We hadn't started swinging yet at that time and she knew I had a fantasy of watching her suck another guy's **** and **** him. But I never thought it would happen that way. Yet there she was, on her knees and sucking this guy's **** like there was nothing more in the world she wanted than to work this wonderful, new **** into a complete frenzy. She definitely pulled that off.

She never ended up sleeping with him, but through visual and recorded proof that I have, and through her own confessions, she sucked his ****... A LOT! Now I have this dark, private fantasy of wanting to watch him **** her, too. I know that'll never happen (probably for the best) but DAMN does it turn me on to think about it. And I can't even tell you how often I flash back to her working his big pole over like a **** star. It's weird, I know... but I can't help it.
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Just found pics of her infidelity after six years. Pics are in my album with desc<x>riptions :-

Great story. I I loved it.

@wolfman445: Sorry, I think you misunderstood. It was a different friend that I caught her with. I am no longer friends with that guy. But to clarify, yes, I watched her finish him, meaning that I watched her suck him to completion. My "best friend" that I was referring to is still very much in the picture and she has sex with him quite often. There has been no "funny stuff" at all with him involved.

Very wise words, dainbramadge. And I, too, share a similar mindset now that we've gone through everything together. There was definitely a part of me that was a little worried when we started off on our swinging adventures the right way. I was still pretty certain that it was something I wanted, but you never know for sure until the moment is there. Couple that with having been hurt and, well, I think you get the picture. Like you, any worry I may have had was gone after I watched her suck my best friend's **** for the first time. And also like you, it was definitely as hot as I had imagined. It's funny how something like that can bring you closer together as a couple, but it does. When you can do things like that - explore your sexual desires together, communicate without fear or barriers, have complete honesty - then there's not much left to hide. We have complete and open communication with each other. And even when we don't agree - or even get on each other's nerves, as will happen with all couples now and then - we still respect each other's opinions, and when we "fight" we fight fair. It's a wonderful feeling. I'll borrow your word, "liberating," because I agree, that's exactly how it feels.