How I Caught My Wife Cheating.....

A couple years ago I caught my wife cheating. I should have known by the signs. She was always working late. She frequently had telephones calls that she had to take outside. She didn't want me to see her email inbox. And she was very secretive about where she went. Keiko is a sexy asian girl with a hot body. She has very long legs, a thin waist and nice C cup ****. Her exotic eyes can arouse any man. So it wasn't a surprise to me that she was cheating. Men were always flirting with her.

One night Keiko went to bed and left her email account open. When I looked at her inbox, the subject of one email sent by Keiko caught my attention: "Thanks for Last Night". I opened the email and read to myself:

Last night was wonderful. You are the best lover! I loved the feeling of your strong arms and muscular chest when you held me. I've never had such great sex. And when you came inside me, I was happy to be filled with your hot ***. You are so much better than my husband. I can't wait until Friday night when we can make love again!
Love you,

I was very turned on by her email. I had proof that Keiko was ******* her boss, and I instantly had a hard ****. I had fantasized about Keiko ******* her boss, and now it was happening. I didn't want to stop it. But I wanted to see it for myself.

So the next morning, I told Keiko that I had to go on a business trip for a week. Then I set up a webcam camera in the bedroom so I could watch our bed. On Friday night, just as I planned, Allen came over and ****** Keiko in my bed. And I watched the entire time. His **** was so big and his body was so sexy, it is no wonder that Keiko preferred him over me. I jerked off while watching Allen **** my wife and it was awesome!

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7 Responses Oct 30, 2010

Holy crap man your wife is cheating on you and you let that happen. Does the word integrity mean anything to you?

snickers777 has it right1 if youre gonna let her do that why get married? you like paying all the bills and jacking off to yur wifes sex videos?

Good story. But letting your wife know may not be such a great idea. Most cheating wives ae very selfish. But if you were to start discussing fantasies and let her know that you would find it a turn on for to **** others, she may bring it into the open making you believe it was your idea.

So you think its awesome,to lose your wife to another man. well you couldn't loved her much, hell didn't deserve her anyway.

would love to see that video!

Now, you need to show her what you saw. (you did record it, didn't you?) Once she understands that you love watching her get lusty and ****, you should be able to enjoy many more hung men jam their big ***** deep in her Asian *****.

Wow - great story. Thank you for posting it!!!!