Holiday Fling Turns Me On

Two years ago one of my wife's friends, who had recently separated, invited her on a two week Caribbean holiday. The friend had arranged and booked it for herself and her husband, but when they separated she decided to take a friend. I was more than happy for my wife to go as we had not had a proper break for several years, mainly for financial reasons.
When she returned she looked the picture of health, fit, tanned all over, her blonde hair sun bleached, and the photos she brought back showed the two women really enjoying the time. My wife is in her late forties, bubbly and flirtateous, which I love, and in many of the photos she was wearing a tiny pair of shorts which she would never wear at home, revealing tops and bikinis, and sexy heels. It was really good to see her looking so relaxed and confident.
Some months later I was searching for some family wedding photos on the computer when I came across a file containing holiday snaps which had apparently been emailed from my wife's friend. A few showed the two women in the company of two younger Caribbean men at a beach bar, both women were topless and the guys were in swimming shorts. The rest showed my wife with one of the guys, at the bar, in the sea, on the beach, and at the hotel pool. She was topless in all but three, and a number showed the guy with his arms around her caressing her breasts, in others they were hugging and kissing, one showed him behind my wife holding her **** while she had her hand behind her back probrably holding his ****. In the other three pics both her and the guy were naked. One was taken on the beach; the guy was on his back, my wife was on her back with her head on his chest. In the last two they were naked on a bed; in one they were lying side by side on their front smiling at the camera and in the other they appeared to be asleep in the spoon position.
I was shocked at my find but also excited. I had long fantasised about my wife being ****** by other guys and it was there in front of me. I decided not to immediately tell her but brought it up a few days later after considering.
In the end I just asked her if she had any more holiday stories. She seemed a little anxious but said nothing. I then told her of the photos. She was stunned but after I plied her with wine and reassured her she eventually told me that her and her friend had been approached by a couple of local guys on the second day of the holiday and that they had paired off and "had a fling". They took turns photgraphing each other "for a laugh". She was very apologetic and said that they were just caught up in the excitement of being single girls abroad with no responsibilities. She was quite devastated but i reassured her that it was a life experience and I was glad she had enjoyed it. I also told her that I found the situation exciting and a bit of a turn on knowing that she was adventurous and selfish in a good way, and having images of her and the guy in my head. She was a little surprised by my reaction but accepted it just the same.
Two years on I am still turned on by the thought of what she did but my wife will not discuss it and wants it left in the past, partly because she believes to do so could cause wounds despite my constant reassurance, and partly because she considers it a personal matter.  I know she slept with the guy every night and also had sex at the beach and other locations, but other than that I know very little. But I wonder how he ****** her, did he tongue her, did she suck him, did he come in her mouth, did she swallow, did he finger her, did she **** him, did he *** on her **** or in her hand, did she ride him, did she have her legs over his shoulders, her ankles round his neck, did he suck and ravage her ****, did he make her scream, how loud was she, how many times did she ***?
So many questions which hopefully one day she will tell me, maybe when she's full of alcohol, although I seriously doubt it as they are her private memories which I respect. On the other hand my thoughts might be better than the reality. I would still like to know though.
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I had a gf and we were in very similar circumstances, which eventually lead to our exploration of the swinger lifestyle.

One thing that I learned from our experiences, is that reality cannot beat my imagination. So, my recommendation is that you learn to enjoy knowing, but not quite knowing everything. It's such a turnon to think of what possibly happened! Picture what she must've sounded and looked like in her ecstatic rapture. Relive that initial excitement of finding her secret stash of pictures!

Trust me, it's much more tantalizing in your own head & this can lead to some great sex between the two of you!

Just my two cents.

Many years ago in a roughly similiar situation i wanted to find the details of an experience my partner had. I started verbally sharing my explicit mental picture of her experience with her when we would have sex. End result, it excited both of us and slowly she opened up.

Try that. When you have sex explicitly tell her your mental pictures of her with her lover, putting her in submissive as well as aggressive roles. Submissive, you can picture her underneath her lover with her legs wrapped around him, moaning loudly as his penis thrusts into her. Aggresive, you can picture him lying on the bed groaning with pleasure as she sucks his penis.

Hope this helps/works, let us know the details if she tells you.

Maybe if you find out he was bigger thicker and made her *** better than you,youll wonder how long before she has another lover.or maybe lose some confidence and not be the same lover you were. There is a reason she dose not want to answer your questions, so let a sleeping dog lie!

I would be so turned on if my wife had an adventure like that. It's a fantasy for sure.

I guess that is the difference between a cuckold and a some one who is simply not monogamous. I would have no problem with my girlfriend ******* someone else (she and I both do) but keeping it a secret, or wanting it to private would bother me. To each hos own though. Glad you got a little thrill from your wifes escapades.

Invite your wifes friend that have a "good " influence of your wife. Perhaps they can do it again and you will be better informed also on this first time. <br />
But I do agree with you that she should tell you otherwise she have just cheated. The difference between cheating and sharing is somtimes hard to draw. I think that you think it was sharing and hot while your wife think it was cheating and bad. To have her feel like this is a bad.

I agree SBG. It would be good if she opened up because I don't want her feeling bad.

And before some bright spark comments, I mean open up and talk, not open her legs!!