Discovered Wife Cheating Part II

In my previous story I detailed how I caught my beautiful wife cheating with a coworker. Several years ago we lived in the UK and Bonnie worked at a local hospital. When I went to see her at work I saw her ******* a black guy with a huge **** in the medical records department. It was apparently common knowledge at the hospital that my beautiful blonde wife was ******* this guy several times a week. Everyone knew but me.

A couple of months later I finally told her that I saw her ******* this stud and that I was okay with it. She simply smiled and said I'm glad you're okay with it. She showed absolutely no regret about what happened and it was clear by her actions that she would continue to **** this guy.My beautiful, loving wife had turned into a real ****.

A couple nights later she announced that she was going out to a pub to have drinks with a couple of female coworkers. It was pretty obvious to me what she was going to do. As she dressed she put on a black half bra, black garter belt , and black stockings. She wore a revealing blouse and short black skirt that really accentuated her long sexy legs. Her red lipstick highlighted her sexy lips.She was absolutely stunning. I knew that she was going out to get ******.

About 4 hours later she returned home and had that **** me look. My **** was rock hard all night knowing my wife was out ******* another man. Once I began ******* Bonnie I could tell her ***** was still full of ***. I mentioned this to her and she admitted she had been with Robert, the black guy from the hospital. I love to get ****** with his huge black ****, my wife said. I'm sorry honey, she said but he can **** me in a way you can't. His **** is ******* huge! She said he was like a ******* **** star and ****** her for well over 3 hours It's the best sex I've ever had!, Bonnie said. I was turned on hearing that my beautiful blonde wife had become a black **** **** but also realized she was right. This stud could bring my wife to a level of pleasure that I couldn't.

From that point on Bonnie would make no attempts to disguise her desire to **** her black lover. She would often go out a night dressed in a provocative manner returning home late at night or even in the morning. I later learned that my wife's black lover would sometimes have 2 of his friends come over and they would ******** my beautiful wife. Before my wife met this guy she had never cheated on me and was a typical prim and proper wife. Now she was being ********** by 3 black guys. This stud had pretty much taken over ******* my wife whenever he wanted. Things would only get worse when he set his eyes on our 16 year old daughter Meagan. More on that in part 3.

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This story is HOT and made me very hard.
The best line is when you say..."this stud had pretty much taken over ******* my wife" OMG is that sexy, hot, and amazing!
I, too, lost my wife sexually to a better **** and was reduced to having to jerk off and *** thinking about him getting to **** her while I could not.