This Was Written 5 Days After It Happened. Sorry Its Kind Of Long. I Needed To Let It Out..

Ever since the beginning of this school year, I started liking this guy. We talked a lot. He was so sweet to me. I've heard lots of things about him. Girls said he was a player. I didn't believe it.
One day, he finally invited me over to his house. When we got there, we held hands, talked, and kissed. He told me he'd be right back. When he came back, he held out a condom. I looked at it, looked at him, and kept on kissing him. He took me to his bedroom. His parents weren't home. We took off our clothes and he asked me if this was my first time. I said yeah. He layed me down on the bed and we had sex. He didn't have the condom on so he told me he'd just pull out. We did it a few more times, only once with the condom. I was worried about getting pregnant. He told me he has done this before with other girls and not to worry.
When we finished, we cuddled together and he kissed me passionately. I thought it felt amazing. I thought we were finally dating. :)
When I was about to go, we kissed some more. I went home and my parents knew nothing. I was smiling the whole time. I was in love.
The next day we talked some more and decided we should do it again sometime. I was excited. He invited me to go over on Saturday. I said I would. On Friday, I messaged him on Facebook and asked if he still wanted me to come over. I waited hours. No reply. Then I finally noticed something two days later. In a relationship, May 10, two days after we had sex. I couldn't believe it. I was feeling so many emotions running through me. 
I lost my virginity, at the age of 14, to a total jerk.
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Don't go over their house, Don't let em' kiss you, If you go anywhere with em - make sure it's in public...We live in a homophobic society; so, everyone is ready to tell you or make you feel like you need to have sex or get married. Just be patient - my dear because guys like him come a dime a dozen and where many faces.

please use it to learn and tell your parenst waht happened so you canget tested for aids as many pla<x>yers pass things other then babys to others and please get on the pill<br />
<br />
youwill find it hard to say no the next time

Awww hunni, I'm sorry he is a jerk. Put this down to a learning experience and that you're no the only one that has gone through this sort of thing! I would however get myself tested and you don't know where he's been.<br />
Next time don't rush, there's no need to if he truly likes you. <br />
And remember, not all guys are jerks, there are good one's out there.