Heartless Jerk

In October I started talking to this guy, and we ended up having sex. In December he got me pregnant. He didn`t want anybody to know he got me pregnant, so I lied to everybody. We fell in love, or so i thought. He told me he loved me but I found out it was just a lie. I later found out i couldn`t have the baby due to a tumor, It broke my heart. We continued to have sex. We texted all the time 24/7. I only fell more and more. At the end of February after we would have sex he`d ignore me for a couple days, and then when he wanted some he`d text me again and promise he wouldn`t do that again, but we had sex again and he did it over again. In March, after my surgery for the tumor i couldn`t have sex for 3 weeks, and it frustrated him. April came around and we hadn`t talked in almost 2 weeks. He came over one night and asked if we could have sex, but i repeatedly told him no. After we talked for an hour he left. A few days later he came over again, but this time we had sex. And we continued to have sex for 2 months after that. Here it is June, and i find out he had a girlfriend since April, 2 days before we started having sex again. His girlfriend messaged me and told me he had been talking to 3 other girls besides me and her. This broke my heart. I never cry over a guy, but him i did... All the time. He used me, all for sex.
BrokenAndConfused14 BrokenAndConfused14
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

what a lousy jerk he was, someone that you don't need in your life. you deserve far better than someone who'll just use you for their own needs and nothing else.

You're right, but it's hard to let go of somebody when you love them.

yes it is hard to let go when you love someone and even when you know they don't feel the same way about you. it took me years to finally see the light and let go of such a man.