I dont understand why someone would claim to be in love with an individual if their really not. I was with this guy that I thought cared about me but he doesnt I dont believe he ever did. Just wanted sex and once he got what he wanted he just completely left me in the cold. I hate him with every fiber of my being i wish he was dead lying in a ditch. Im sorry but its true. I used to cook him dinner, sing him songs to help him with headaches, i loved him and yet he treated me like road kill.
why is sex all that men ******* care about. from now on men better beware of me because , I will never care for anyone again.
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LTkiss nailed it! To many degrees, even being a guy, I can relate. I've been in similar, genders vice-versed. I haven't given that partner my virginity (or any other, for that matter), as while not married I wouldn't let it get that far. BUT...

I could tell the sex drive by how she'd pressure me. She was the "loner must have relationship" type, so one-man loyalty came naturally to her, more often than not. Once falling out of love (if we ever DID have sex), would she "leave me out in the cold" afterward? She'd swear that (naturally) her mind would never change to that (and who knows? it might not), but I could never be sure. Big reason why I wouldn't just give her what she wanted -- and sensed her unwillingness to respect that. Some may say she was the "guy" and I was the one with the actual "typical woman" relationship needs (although that's nowhere NEAR the way she talked, on the surface -- misled me awhile).

The verbal abuse implied by ever so few words, the other thing I had enough of in that relationship. All of the above left me feeling stupid for a period of time.Anyway, I encourage u not to permanently close your heart down. I didn't. It takes time though.

Men think about sex a lot. But a Gentleman cares about what a woman thinks. He appreciates the love you put into your cooking and thinks it would be nice to cook for you on occasion. A Gentleman is soothed and his heart beats stronger from hearing angelic music coming from his princess. When a man loves a woman he should cherish the moments he has with her. Gentlemen think about sex a lot but they think of the mental connection they have with someone they love. That connection of knowing where all the tender spots, all the ticklish spots and all the arousal spots are to be found. Knowing each other so well that sex becomes a connection of two bodies, two energies merging together into what could only be described as Love.

Don't wall up your heart to protect it from breaking. In so doing you also stop it from experiencing the joys of the love.

I don't know if he was a white man but he was not a white Gentleman.

he was white

well he was a dumb *** to give up a caring, generous, passionate woman.

it hurts

it will maybe for a long time. any time you feel love for someone and it ends you always have the memories good and bad. In order to move on you have to look at the good times you had and search for those qualities in a new mate. But you can learn from the bad times by making sure you don't let those things happen to you again because now you have Experienced the pain and can deal with it.

you are so helpful. Thank you so much

Anything to help a beautiful black goddess find love again as well as enjoying sex. You are gorgeous and have an amazing smile, if he did not see that then be is blind and did not deserve you in the first place.

Lol im more than sure he doesnt deserve me but my heart still loves him I just want those thoughts to leave from mind

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