My Fault

  ive always been a hopeless romantic so i get myself in these situations where i used to think i was going to find love through sex ...  it was something i started when i was seventeen .  but ive since learned in the past yr and a half it doesnt work that way . So im on to better ways of thinking ...  not saying what they did is excusable ... but  thenif you put something right in front of someone of course their gonna take it ...
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1 Response Aug 22, 2007

That's horrible and heartbreak is the worst feeling ever. You'll get over it with time and many females go threw this. They fall for a guy who is ''playing'' them.. It's part of life, you learn from these incidents so next time you no who is bullshitting you or who truly likes you. I've been there, been threw that and it sucks and i'm so much more wiser today and don't let any guy get the best of me. If i sense he's just in it for sex and not a relationship i shut him out asap! (Guys who use females aka pla<x>yers are ones who call late at night or only once in a while whereas a guy who likes a girl will try to talk to her almost daily or as much as possible. A guy who is only using a girl will barely if ever take them around his family or friends and never calls or hangs with them in the morning/afternoon, etc..) You get the drift.. You pick up on things in every lesson you learn something more and become stronger and wiser. Don't sweat it, Forget it!