Freshman Showers Experience

I was a very bright but socially isolated and shy 14 year old when I entered high school back in the early 1970s.  Being smart was not an asset but a handicap at my high school, just like most of them  I didn't have many friends and was bullied quite a bit.  I was tall and skinny and not athletic, and of course athletics was all that counted. 

The worst class was gym class.  I knew very few of the guys and was friends with even fewer.  I wore glasses and wasn't well coordinated so I was not an asset on any team.  Plus I really didn't care and didn't try very hard. 

Taking a shower with the other guys was a new experience for me. At least I was well along in adolescence, with pubic hair and the beginnings of chest hair, so I was ahead of some of the other guys.  Of course I had the standard male worry about my penis being too small, and that was intensified by my being circumcised.

Now I knew about circumcision but didn't understand how it affected the penis, and  I had never been told that I had been circumcised.  So when I had to ***** down for the first time I was uncomfortably aware that my penis looked different from the others.  I don't remember any other guy in that class who was circumcised.  (I had moved to that town a few years earlier and apparently circumcision wasn't a custom at the local hospital where the other guys had been born).  It just added to my self consciousness.  Now of course no one stared directly but I was aware when I pulled my shorts off that there were a lot of side glances ( and of course I was doing the same thing).  But I got naked along with everybody else, showered, and toweled off and quickly redressed.

Looking back on it I'm sure my penis must have been the focus of some discussion here and there.  Likely none of the other guys had ever seen a circumcised penis before.  I remember one day when there were fewer guys than normal in the showers.  A group of them were standing together and when I came in they looked directly at my crotch and snickered.  So obviously they had been whispering about it before I came in.  I didn't say anything because they weren't friends of mine, just turned and showered with my back to them.  Looking back, if I'd walked over to them and said "What's so funny?" it might have broken some ice, so to speak, and cleared up some confusion I had about why my penis was different.  Another time toward the end of school some older guys who were in the same gym class with us freshmen sneaked into our locker room (they were supposed to use a different one, took their shorts off, and paraded around naked to intimidate us.  When they saw me they all took the opportunity to stare directly at my penis.  No one said anything, but looking back again apparently there had been some discussion about the guy with the weird ****.

That was the only year I showered regularly at school.  In PE the next year for some reason us sophomores didn't take showers except for every now and then.  I don't remember any gawkers so I guess people's curiosity about me had been solved.  Juniors and seniors didn't take PE so that was the end of public showering until college.  By then I understood that I was circumcised, plus I'd developed more.  And of course there were plenty of circumcised guys there.

So basically this is a story about social isolation in an isolated small town, with a particularly male problem added in. 
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I had a different experience. I am from Georgia, and I was one of only a few uncut boys in my gym class; and I was the only white guy, as the other were hispanic or black. Luckily I'd gone through puberty the year before, and had my "Big Boy Parts" and plenty of hair in all the right places. I had been a competitive swimmer since I was 6, and had been lifting weights for a couple of years. So, even though I was a skinny guy with glasses, I knew my way around the weight room and fit right in with the football players, who started calling me "Clark" (as in Kent!)

After gym, nude showers were required. I was comfortable with being nude in lockerrooms from my experiences at swimming practice and meets, but that was just briefly changing in and out of Speedos. So that first day of gym class was a bit diconserting, especially walking to the shower naked with everyone looking at your weird ****. When I went into one of the gang showers, one of the redneck guys asked me why I was I had a "N*****" ****." Before I could be embarrassed by the comment, the Football Team Captain who was black and uncut, came in behind me and declared, "Are you talking about why his **** is twice the size of your daddies?"

Thanks for your descriptions.

I had a very similar experience in school in the UK. I was the only boy who was circumcised and like you, I wasn't aware of why my penis looked different.
The first time that I had to shower in a communal shower was a humiliating experience. I wasn't particularly well developed and some of the boys who had started puberty were comparing themselves. Eventually attention turned to me and my rather small circumcised penis. The boy with the biggest penis started pointing and shouting to the other boys to look at his weird Willy. I immediately covered my crotch with my hands to hide my embarrassment. Some of the bigger boys grabbed my arms and pulled my arms behind my back thus exposing my immature genitals. Most (but not all) of the boys gathered around to point and stare and laugh at me. This caused me to get an erection which further added to their enjoyment of my embarrassment. After about a minute of this the teacher walked in and shouted for everyone to get dried and dressed. He noticed that I was the centre of attention s the boys dispersed. As he approached me he noticed what the boys had been laughing at and threw me a towel to covermyself.

What part of the country were you in at the time?

In the interesting other side of this, my sons are the only uncircumcised boys in the school showers. They are not shy tho, so they got all kinds of questions and attention from others. The first reaction from many of their friends was, "What happened to your ****, man?" when of course it was THEY who had experienced some "happening".

What part of the country are you from mrk222? Yea, most guys nowadays are circumcised but I hear the trend is starting to reverse again. I am surprised your kids take showers in school. Most of the schools dont shower anymore in PE in fact my nephew is in high school and says no one showers aftr PE but aftr football practice and games about 25% of the team will shower and half of those shower with their boxers or underarmour still on, I dont get it in todays times. How old are your boys anyway and what grade are they in school. Do they play sports?

so many questions... We live in the Midwest. They are unusual about nude casual because we are a nude friendly home. Given the opportunity, I have found that many boys like the chance to be nude in a non judgmental environment. You are correct that boys don't shower after PE, but this was on teams. One boy was a swimmer, the other played football and ran track, and the one runs, and wrestles. On the teams most coaches enforce showers, IT IS DICTATED for wrestlers. As you mentioned many try to do it in briefs, or swim trunks. Its ridiculous.

I can understand your embarrassment. When that age, the male **** seemed to the the only thing of interest. I hated the shower because I was afraid that I would get hard after seeing all the other naked dicks. Our Coach knew I did not like athletics so he allowed me to skip the P.E. class and stay out of trouble for that hour.

I can understand your embarrassment. When that age, the male **** seemed to the the only thing of interest. I hated the shower because I was afraid that I would get hard after seeing all the other naked dicks. Our Coach knew I did not like athletics so he allowed me to skip the P.E. class and stay out of trouble for that hour.