Trouble With Playdo

Today I was smacked in the face with memories.
Earlier I was playing Super Mario Brothers, and it reminded me of this game I used to play called Save The Sheriff that was part of a webiste called Playdo.
Playdo was weird. You joined it, and you could add friends and design a webbie and go to chat rooms, you could also play games. It was meant for younger kids, I think my friend discovered it at the Library because it was a suggested website for our age. I saw her playing the game, Save The Sheriff, so I made an account too. I was really excited. Soon enough all the people in my class began having these Playdo accounts. I believe this was in fifth grade.
This was the first website I was hooked on. I'd spend hours making a webbie, and chatting with my friends. Or I'd play Save The Sheriff or Save Santa.As soon as I'd get home I would check it. At school I'd check it. When I went to my friend's house, Renee, we'd play it for hours together. Now here's the weird part, that I can't believe I would do:
Often times in the chat room, people would hit on you, etc. Then a month or two into playing Playdo, Renee and I would actually instigate being hit on, and say weird sexual things. I can NOT believe what part of me would want to do this. But we'd make our little character look like a guy and hit on girls, vice versa. We didn't tell anyone about this. Our parents didn't know either. Soon enough after we started doing this we'd get weird messages, "Like hey baby, we should talk more," and these people didn't even know our age, or what we looked like because you didn't put personal pictures up. Then people started sending us pictures of their penises. It was gross, and oddly enough we were both still addicted.
A few weeks later, Renee's mom found a picture of a penis that had been sent to her. Her mom flipped out, and couldn't believe that someone would send us those pictures. She made us delete our accounts, and yet she never knew about us instigating it.
It makes me feel sick to even know I'd do that. I haven't been on that site for a LONG time. I'm never going to do that again. But why couldn't we be sweet little girls that played with Barbies?
LipstickDanger LipstickDanger
13-15, F
Jul 13, 2010