Family And Foes Raise An Eyebrow Towards Me.

I'd ask my parents who I was in my past life, I'd count my freckles and birthmarks and was entirely admired by my body. I didn't understand humor growing up so I came off as a stupid child, I was sincerely serious towards the world. I loved birds, hated cats as a child, and I would cry if I didn't know the answer to something I wanted to know (not yes or no questions) just questions like why do most people ignore the sky? ha ha I could create a list on how I was weird.. I grew up teased and bullied, and now I'm adored and loved by many.. My sister teases me and calls me ms.popular, but I truly feel alien to the socialistic views of our world..
My mother even told me, now that I'm older, that I creeped her out cause I use to sleepwalk, talk in my sleep, and sleep with my eyes half open.. as a CHILD...
Leighou Leighou
Jul 21, 2010