Just Something That Crossed My Mind Yesterday

I was at my dad's house yesterday while the State of the union speech was going on and I just managed to catch the last 30 mins or so of it. The part where he spoke about the war in Iraq and the fate of our soldiers. Personally when the President spoke about having troops pulled out, the only thing that came to my mind is "good lord, this is the same thing that Bush said but only in different terms" (I've marked my calendar to see what really happens come June/July). But apart from that, I wondered, I'm sure that just like any other part of the world that somehow people in Iraq or where ever terrorists are have some sort of cable where they can get this information and I thought to myself, what if they plan another attack around June/July? As far as I see it, they are winning the war economically because it is America who is spending billions funding this war against terror and it's the Lower to Middle class Americans who are suffering the most from the deficit, lack of aide response from natural disasters, etc. The terrorists live in caves and mountains (or at that's the intel provided to us) so we aren't really causing any harm to them but their continuation of this war and our soldiers being there is literally crippling our economy, am I the only one thinking this way?
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I do agree with you too Rajiv. After the billions being spent on this war and so many lives lost. I think we do need to pull out and let them handle things on their own. We were supposed to be there teaching them to do just that. It seems to drag on forever.

It's so sad that the hard working family whose son or daughter is in the military are the ones suffering. But the absolute wealthy's children are in their Ivy league schools and getting drunk on St. Bart's in their free time.

Rjiv I'm with you. After the billions and billions and thousands of dead and wounded soldiers when we leave Afghanistan little will have changed. These wars are prolonged because Republicans profit politically from war, their corporate masters profit financially and the Democrats don't want to be labeled as cowards. <br />
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Still, what really crippled our economy was the combination of war costs and Bush tax cuts at the same time. The market deregulation that was supposed to let government out of the way of business only led to unfettered greed and the collapsed we witnessed.