I Didn't Do It.

Today was my last day working at a job where I was accused of stealing. Three weeks ago, I was accused of taking about $60 - $70 from the cash register at the shop I work at. I didn't do it. What really happened is that my boss gave me $135 that morning for the till (she usually gives me $200). I counted it 3 times when I got to work to make sure that I hadn't just miscounted. I had planned on calling her immediately, but there was an important event that the shop was catering that weekend and I got side-tracked by having to plan out how I would decorate the desserts. I completely forgot to tell her.

Later on in the evening, after my coworker had closed the shop, I got a phone call from her. She accused me of stealing the money and wouldn't listen what I had to say. I defended myself the best I could (which wasn't a lot, as she was ranting and would not listen to a word I said). She kept saying over and over again, "I never miscount the money. I never have."
The thing is...She had miscounted the money before. Never by such a huge amount, but she had been off by anywhere from 25 cents to 2 or so dollars several times previously. I had put my own money in the till to make the amount even in order to avoid embarrassing her. I had no idea how to say to her face "You made a mistake." I'm sure she wouldn't have believed me anyway.

A week after she blew up at me, I had found another job. I decided to give her my two weeks' notice even though I knew it would make me look guilty as hell. She cried and acted as though I was being mean and hurtful for quitting. What a joke. What's worse is that she obviously still believes that I stole from her. Her business manager said some unkind things to me as well-- some behind my back, others to my face. A few days ago, she pretended to make amends and say "Well, I'm just sorry this happened. It's just a freak accident, these things happen." Then she went on to say, "I'm sure the money will just turn up in someone's pocket or something..."

I worked for her for 6 months and was always a trustworthy and respectful employee. I'm a bit scarred by my experience and don't think I can really fully trust a superior ever again.
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when it comes to money make sure 2 of you always count it with each other

I know. But that should have been my boss' responsibility to instill that habit of counting with 2 people present. She actually did start doing that after the whole incident. However, I still quit. It was not a good situation.