I Was Being Poisoned And setup By Wife And Her Lover The Cop

I was being gang-stalked by Portland police officer's and Multnomah county sheriff's while my wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a police officer named Eric Carlson!
I was battered by the Portland police and I did nothing wrong, I discovered my wife's affair with a cop a month later and right after I discovered my wife turned my family against me behind my back I discovered Eric Carlson was impersonating me!
When I tried to warn people about this my wife poisoned me, debilitating me, and the local hospital refused to take a toxicology test and covered it up!
I was seriously ill from being poisoned and at my wife's mercy, I had no one to turn to and had to rely on my wife for help!
My life became similar to that dude in the movie Misery, I was being kept ill by my wife she just kept pretending to be a loving wife while she continued to slowly poison me!
The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's made sure I could not get help from any hospital and was having fun destroying my reputation by use of rumors and flyers while my wife kept me ill and debilitated with poison!
Eric Carlson has relatives and friends in law enforcement and they spent two years, TWO YEARS, destroying my reputation and framing me for their crimes while I was stuck at home under the care of Mrs Dash my wife, I was week from internal bleeding and was in severe pain!
Everyone in the family knew my wife was cheating on me with a cop and was helping them by hiding their motives and pretending nothings wrong!
Three family members died within a three year period during Mrs Dash use of antifreeze and pills as poison!
Eric Carlson and his relatives and friends in law enforcement were committing break in's and rapes and they even photographed their crimes with the intent of later using photoshop to frame me for their crimes!
I caught them all in the act on March 26th 2007 committing felony's and then blaming me for it later to other people!
I caught them admitting on a audio recorder I put in my wife's purse, I caught them committing a break in and a murder and my audio recorder caught them!
My audio recorder caught my wife and Eric Carlson's partner Adrian printing flyers giving me the blame for the crimes they just admitted to and later that day my wife came home and once again pretended to be a loving wife, my audio recorder caught that as well!
Their is no one that wants me as a witness, cops in Oregon would rather kill me than to arrest Eric Carlson and his relatives for framing me for their crimes!
Two many bad cops joined into their murder conspiracy for me the innocent victim to find help!
No one cares in Oregon that cops are committing murders!
WifePoisonedMe WifePoisonedMe
46-50, M
Dec 8, 2012