What If You Where the Accused

I was falsely accused of aggravated sexual assault on april fools day of 1986.   I was put on trail 3 times.  It ended in a mistrial the first 2 times.  I was found not guilty the third trial.  I was talking to my lawyer the day before the third trial and I said to him that after all the evidence and witnesses that prove that I was not close to the area where this crime supposedly took place I couldn't see how this D.A.  could think I was guilty.  My lawyer stared at me for a few seconds and then he says you mean to tell me that you think the D.A. thinks your guilty.  I replied that well sure i think that , he's been prosecuting me for almost 2 years.  My lawyers shakes his head and says Hell he knows your not guilty he's known that all along.  He just doesn't give a damn.  He thought he could convict you in the beginning and now he's gone to far to stop.  Anyway I survived it all.  The D.A.s only physical evidence was a rape test from a county hospital that said negative on all four points that the test checks for.   My evidence was 8 people testifing that I was at another location approx. 30 miles.  The D.A. said that they where all liars.  Its really almost impossible to get a lot of people to perjure themselves even if you have a lot of money.  Since those days I've seen where a lot of people have been released from prisons on DNA evidence that proved their innocence.  I didn't get convicted but I did get to see how a lot of people are willing to put people in prison with no evidence that a crime even occured. 
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My husband is going through the same thing.....he was there, but he got drugged and robbed and got away...a month later he gets questioned and over a year later, he gets arrested......he was lucky to get out alive....there was a man there when He came to...that man is now Her witness...we will lose everything fighting this....Including a career it took him 30 years to build...cars, house, career, and college for kids and our retirement all gone...and HE was the one to get drugged and robbed

Sadly it does not require one to be convicted to be destroyed by the 'justice system'. Financial damage is permanent in almost every case. Reputation, employment and career damage is often as irreparable. Humans are largely a judgmental lot and assume if you were charged it was for good reason and if you were not convicted it was due to legally trickery.
Innocent until proven guilty is, if not a lie, a hollow sentiment.

I feel for you. I am glad you were found not guilty.<br />
I am currently charged with two criminal charges totally unrelated to each other and awaiting trial. It will have been more than a year and a half when I get to trial.<br />
The one charge involves a family heirloom that was once a gun i my luggage by accident. A charge everyone knows is pointless and going nowhere. <br />
The other charge involves my girlfriend who was not yet 18, but over the age of consent. It is a very vaguely written law that basically claims I exploited a relationship of dependence. What was the relationship? That of two loving people that supported each other. She is happy and as I and almost all of our families. Our friends fully support us.<br />
I have spent at least $20,000 so far to defend myself.

I was wrongfully accused of something in 2009 and I am sure that the prosecutor and the cops knew that I was not guilty. Even though the case never made it to trial because the accuser decided to drop the charges it has made my life a living hell ever since. I live in a town of 30,000 where news travels fast and to this day I am haunted by what this person accused me of. I asked my lawyer what action I could take against this person for wrongfully accusing me and he told me there was nothing I could do. It cost me 5000$ in legal fees and an immesurable amount of suffering during the whole ordeal and the mental anguish which will continue for a lifetime.

That's horrible!! It's a shame that some people are too cowardly to admit their wrong and make it right. This injustice will be on his heart even after he leaves this corporeal plain.

I have lived that same thing. I was accused of sex assault. was drunk and had sex with another drunk person, and the law says its the male's fault. the system is highly flawed. the DA didnt think I was guilty, he actually retired during the process. now I have to register as a sex offender for five more years. yay US court system

I am living pretty much the same thing right now (more serious charges). I know I am not guilty, it's just very frustrating waiting for the process to start/finish. It could be years. While I wait, I see my previously happy life slipping through my fingers.

My family just went through this hell,i am glad it worked out for you.Our legal system is a freakin joke .