I was working as frycook got laid off due to a cutback hours,i looked for work for weeks but it was a slow time,
when Rent came Due the Landlady wasnt Happy i couldnt pay it..the 2nd month she told me i had 2 choices,
Move out or become her personal Servant.
?...i didnt have alot of Choice so instead of living on the street..i did everything she said, after a few weeks it became clear to me this was headed for Sex!
she would come into my apt while i was in the Shower and start a Conversation about things she wanted me to do.
looking me over as she talked..
she told me to come to her room after i got out of the Shower.
It was Dark she was in a Gown, she took my hand to her bedroom,whispered that her Job had alot of Stress and she
ocassionally needed some release, i didnt understand untill She brought her Knee up and hit my balls very hard!
i went down...she smiled...told me to undress when i could
stand again and consider this a Daily Choir from now on!
i was considering being Homeless, the following weeks
she had some friends over-introduced me to her friends..
(old women 50s), took me by the hand to the hallway
kissed me hard on the Lips!
and Brought up her Knee again! Boom! down i went.
her friends were all laughing ?(mean *******)
one by one they came over to her..she smiled and nodded her head..2 of them helped me up, taking off my clothes
they pushed me onto the table and used belts and straps on me till i was crying loudly!..the ladlady said thats enuff!
took me off the table/told me to shower.
coming down i saw a man on the couch and women gone.
this is my realitor she explaned, she asked if i was ok now
i sighed rubbing my butt and said yes!(good was her reply)
Boom! down i went again...crawling towards the steps she too me over to him, unzipped his pants and told me she owed
him some money she couldnt pay right now!
pushing my head onto his penis..the realitor smiled!
she stood behind me with her foot pulled back!!
Crap!....while this was a very erotic i will never again
rent from an old women with no respect for a mans nuts!
the end
Rimmfire Rimmfire
56-60, M
Aug 22, 2014