...........i Need A Drink!!......like A Hole In My Head!

You may remember me saying I was giving up drinking!!
Well, it is now nearly 3 months since my last drink and I feel GREAT!!
I no longer wake in the morning feeling 'CRAP' and wanting a drink!
The only drink for me now is a "CUPPA"..or glass of water!!
Considering I was drinking ,on average,4x4litre casks a week,
I believe I have done so well!.......

.....IF YOU have ever considered giving up....DO IT!!
Your BODY and FAMILY will appreciate you more!

25/09/10                      * * * * * * * * * *

It is now 2 months since telling you that!
5 months without a drink!
It's been a hard path to walk,...but, I'm doing it!
I've been to occasions where drink was flowing
and even carried drink around at parties,
Over all, I am happy!...The Doctor is happy with my LOW blood Pressure as well!
If YOU are thinking of giving up the GROG,......DO IT!!!.....For your sake!!
mzdivine mzdivine
3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

you should really consider taking it up again with gay abandon.<br />
<br />
i bet your fav was friutylexia?? yeah i'm right. no need to validate(kwis kwis)

This is such a GREAT thing to do! I'm so immensely proud of you - and I hope you are proud of yourself too! Congratulations my friend! You rock!!

Hey! Congrats on being so successful! Im glad you feel great and it is going so well for you!!!<br />
Hugs :)