Life Is Too Short

I wash as I need and hang up the night before on the wardrobe door


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8 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I don't iron spit! I never buy anything that (really) needs ironing. If it needs pressing to be presentable (i.e. dress shirts) I send it to the laundry (they do a better job anyway!)<br />
Besides you can't see any of my other clothes (if I'm wearing any) under my smock!

I seriously pull the clothes out of the basket. I like to fold them sometimes, but for the same kinds of reasons I like counting change.<br />
I am staring at a pile of ironing. I'll iron it as I need it. I'm only going to try stuff on and throw it on the floor again without wearing it anyway.<br />
I hate clothes.

I guess what little he has, he just hangas on his peg.

Where is nudeinva? He probably has fewer clothes then anyone else. He never wears them long enough to get them dirty.

As long as they leave my woman alone.

That's ok. I'm a nudest.

If I had to do my own wash, I would wear them until they needed thrown away, then wear them 3 more weeks, then throw them away.

you and me both....