Oh, This Is So Me!

We just pop them in the dryer for a tumble to unwrinkle. I know it's not very energy conscious! :-(

JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
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6 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Hey! I was so proud of my yesterday. I did all the laundry, FOLDED IT AND PUT IT AWAY! I think the drawers trembled under the weight of being filled!

laundry laundry and more laundry!

the great thing about scrubs is that their natural flow makes them a bit wrinkled anyway, so no ironing required! i don't even have one at school, and i really don't know anyone who does. it's just one more thing there's no room for, and no time (or desire) to use!

Iron? I don't even know where mine is! I wear scrubs to work so it doesn't matter if they're wrinkled (within reason, of course) lol

yup, that's a student's life alright! i never thought i'd say it, but i now go for the wrinkled look quite often. the dryer is my go-to method of smoothing out clothing as well!

Hehehe in the flat I used to hang tops already on clothes hangers so once they were dry they could go straight into the wardrobe. I was a student - student dont iron, you are basically expected to be wrinkly and scruffy!