Cell Phone Users Listen Up

I was shocked by this video.  Check it out.

The FBI can actually listen to your conversations when your cell phone is off!!

Watch this video:



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3 Responses Aug 1, 2007

Holy Crap.

Haha, no need to worry :P If they want to listen to you through your cell phone they'll have to establish a connection (as otherwise the phone is still on standby mode); so the have to call you up and make your phone automatically answer the call... so it means that they have to hack your phone... that's not so easy, and that's time consuming. So as long as you are not a big criminal you don't need to worry :P

I didn't realize they could overhear while phone was Off. But I once heard a radio commentary say statistically the FBI hears peoples' ordering of Pizza more than any other subject! And talking in the bathroom, or while using the bathroom seems to be a home favorite spot for people! heheheehe