Left Alone

My partner of a year left me. This wouldn't be unusual except for the way he went. It was a normal saturday afternoon. He dropped me off at work, told me he loved me, said he would come in for dinner later and kissed me goodbye. We had plans for something we were going to do on sunday and what we were going to do during the upcoming week.

I called him, to see what time I should expect him. And it was then that I found out. He'd packed all his stuff and moved out. His friend had travelled from two hours away to help him. Everything had been fake.

How do you leave someone after a year without letting them know you're going?
Aulara Aulara
22-25, F
6 Responses Aug 9, 2007

what a coward!

:*( Very sorry ...

Hugs to you Aulara. Don't cry over this one. It's better to just lose one year of your life than to discover you been used and lie to for nearly 20. Hold your head up and look for a better quality of person to spend your life with.

Myspip and Tardydodo hit the nail on the head. No man like that is worth your time. It may hurt like hell now, but in the long term you are much better off. A person like that will wind up a lonely old fool, someone like you with so much love to give will find that special person and look back and laugh. Take care.<br />

What a terrible thing to do to you!<br />
<br />
And then to leave you without a reason for his behaviour.<br />
<br />
His actions do make one thing clear. This is not a man you would have wanted in your life in the long term - better that he do this now than vanish on you later in life, if you ever got engaged or worse still, had children together!<br />
<br />
Good riddance to a man full of cowardice, deceit and callousness, whether deliberate or accidental.

what a bastard he is! He certainly didn't deserve your love! but don't you worry; you are a wonderful person; you'll find someone that loves you for real soon, I'm sure :)<br />
Stay strong! move forward in life! =)