Willing to Learn

I am thankful that I tend to be a quick learner.  I had never seen a check in detail until I had my first bank account at the age of 20.  I had never written a check until I went to pay for the first thing I bought, a bed.  The lady at the register had to help me with what you write in the "Pay to the order" field.  I taught myself to do my own taxes and now I do my friends.  I try to get them to learn and trust themselves, but alas it doesn't always work.  I find that is the biggest hurdle to learning things, trusting in your decision.  I make mistakes, but nothing is really that big a deal.  If you try your best it usually works out.  I finally broke down and bought a house two years ago.  That was a big deal.  I don't like the idea of being tied to anything and I like living in communities.  We compromised on a town home.  My parents never owned a house until after I was gone and I knew nothing of the process.  I read up and figured it out.  There are a few life skills that I had pretty down pat; cleaning, cooking, holding a job.  I know how to force myself to do things I wouldn't choose to do and how to make them enjoyable.  Being able to enjoy the mundane daily tasks that accompany life is a great skill.

Krypton Krypton
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

yeah, its hard learning all on your own. i to had to learn on my own. i was a spoiled little brat as a kid and then my mother fell inlove with a man that didn't want kids around. my brother went to my father but i couldn't because my step mother didn't like me. i was kicked out when i was 15 years old knowing nothing in this world because i was so spoiled. i learned everything the hard way, i hated my family for doing this to me but i would not be who i am now with out some hard times.<br />
the one thing i can tell you is beleive in yourself and away look ahead !

taxes are why we have tax prepairers